Technical Innovation

FJ tapered roller bearing product design uses international advanced finite element simulation analysis and the most advanced optimization design method in China to optimize the internal structure of the bearing, especially  the optimal logarithmic curve of the shape and the optimal convex metric matching design of the inner and outer ring raceway main line and roller convex shape with international level angle matching design,so as to achieve the maximum bearing capacity, the highest life and reliability of the bearing.

Most of FJ's bearing parts processing uses the most advanced domestic equipment, and a small amount of imported advanced equipment. There are 12 CNC ferrule grinding super-automatic lines capable of processing logarithmic convexity raceways. FJ Bearing has introduced the international level  Beijing Aichelin salt and salt quenching protection atmosphere roller-type heating furnace heat treatment production line to make the company's heat treatment level reach the domestic leading level.

FJ Bearing introduces foreign advanced coordinate measuring machine, roundness meter, profiler, length measuring instrument, metallographic microscope and spectrometer, equipped with bearing life strengthening test machine, simulation test machine and bearing temperature rise test machine. The testing and testing equipment from FJ Bearing is very complete, and the testing methods is advanced.

■ Participate in the formulation of national and industry standards as follows:

Serial NumberStandard NoStandard name
1JB/T10857-2008《Rolling Bearings-Disk Bearings for Agricultural Machinery》
2GB/T25767-2010《Rolling Bearings-Taper Roller》
3GB/T273.1-2011《Rolling bearings - Boundary dimensions - Part 1: Tapered roller bearings》
4JB/T10236-2014《Rolling bearings-tapered roller bearings vibration (speed) technical conditions》
5JB/T10237-2014《Rolling bearings-tapered roller bearings vibration (acceleration) technical conditions》
6GB/T285-2013《Rolling bearings-Double row cylindrical roller bearings boundary dimensions》
7GB/T288-2013《Rolling bearings-spherical roller bearings boundary dimensions》
8GB/T32562-2016《Rolling bearing-friction torque measurement method》
9GB/T297-2015《Rolling bearings-tapered roller bearings boundary dimensions》
10GB/T32324-2016《Rolling bearing parts-roundness and waviness error measurement and evaluation methods》
11GB/T3882-2017《Rolling bearings-insert ball bearings and eccentric sleeves dimensions》
12GB/T7809-2017《Rolling bearings-insert ball bearings dimensions》
13GB/T7810-2017《Rolling bearings-insert ball bearings with housing dimensions》
14GB/T307.3-2017《Rolling bearings-general technical rules》
15GB/T271-2017《Rolling bearings-category》
16GB/T272-2017《Rolling bearings-code method》
17JB/T10238-2017《Rolling bearings-auto hub bearing unit》
18JB/T13353-2017《Rolling bearings-auto hub bearing unit testing method》
19GB/Z 36517-2018《Rolling bearing-calculation method for bearing correction reference rated life under general load conditions》