Talent Concept

Excellent gathering talents make business forever

Excellent  gathering means gathering all circle talents . FJ Bearing is creating a strong atmosphere and a good environment that attracts talents and respects talents. It is bold to introduce innovative talents, and all talents can create own value in FJ Bearing without any restrictions.

Excellent  gathering means gathering wisdom. FJ Bearing adheres to the combination of "nourishing the brain" and "borrowing brain". The combination of "gathering wisdom" and "borrowing power" allows the internal wisdom to be fully utilized and the external wisdom to be used by our enterprise.

Excellent gathering means gathering good people's hearts. The long-term development of FJ Bearing depends on every person from FJ Bearing, and  the joint strength of everyone.

FJ Bearing always adheres to family management and people-oriented management,  uniting all staff and Increasing the Cohesion .

Excellent  gathering is the foundation of  FJ Bearing everlasting .

Short Story

"Stratagems of the Warring States- Yan Dynasty"" records: The king of Yan Dynasty wants to recruit talent, and more people think that King Yan is only having more people, not really seeking talent. As a result, King Yan always looks for the talents of the country , and is unhappy all day. Later, a wise man,A person named Guo Yan, told the king a story. It is said that an ancient courtier bought a horse for the king, but only bought the bones of the dead horse, and the king was furious. The king didn’t understand.The courtier explained to the confused king that if they see that the king has bought just the bones of the dead horse with so much gold, the people will think that the king is really fervent to find superb horses and is willing to pay handsomely. People will naturally bring their best horses to the door.  From then on ,King Yan firslty respect Guo Yan as a teacher then there are a lot of talents  who came to the Yan dynasty.  From then on, a weak Yan country with internal and external disasters and devastation has gradually become a prosperous and prosperous country.

[Revelation] Pursuing a certain thing or a certain talent does not necessarily mean to catch up with it. But rather, one can work on the fundamentals like improving one’s own ability, quality and strength and good things will naturally come.