Business Culture

Illustrious Virtue,Supreme Excellence,Extensive Knowledge,Earnest Practice

Ø Virtue and Excellence via Knowledge and Practice:Its meaning can be simply summarized as "All people from FJ Bearing are far-reaching and ambitions, and can know how to be one, sincerely behave and do things innovatively". 

Ø Illustrious Virtue:All people from FJ Bearing must establish aspirations and strive to continuously improve itself to better meet customer needs.  

Ø Supreme Excellence:Refers to the spirit of forging ahead, the courage to "take" and "responsible", when you encounter difficulties, first think of how to overcome it, never give up.

Ø Extensive Knowledge:That is to be honest and trustworthy, sincere and loyal, and sincere and persistent. FJ Bearing's relationship between dealing with people, business and stakeholders adheres to the principle of honesty and trust first, thus establishing a deep relationship of integrity between everyone and between organizations. Everyone from FJ Bearing must be loyal to his own business and his own work, integrate his pursuit into the development of the enterprise, and with a happy heart, he will sincerely and dedicationly contribute his talents to achieve the goal of the enterprise. Work before doing, doing fine, fine, and enjoy the dignity and happiness of the work brought to you.  

Ø Earnest Practice:That is, all goodness is included in or derived from its highest level of goodness. The characteristics of dragons taking other animals are better than others, and the power of the river gathers into the river and rushes into the sea. FJ Bearing gathers the advantages of peers and is good. Perfection is a kind of pursuit, only real work can be realized; perfection is a realm, only sincerity can be achieved; perfection is a kind of wisdom, only by faith can be obtained; perfection is a kind of strategy, only the fine can be used; Perfection is a kind of merit, and only the most beautiful can be achieved. Everyone from FJ Bearing must take the strengths of others, persist in perseverance, strive for self-improvement, challenge the limits, surpass themselves, and pursue better. With the fearless spirit of "Dare to lead the times, dare to lead the trend", the goal is to achieve Great cause, and march forward to build FJ Bearing into a long-term enterprise group!

Our Mission 

To provide customers with excellent products and services, so that every part  and equipment that needs to be transmitted is smooth and efficient.

Ø Excellence:is value proposition, creating value that exceeds customer expectations.  

Ø Product and Service:provide system solutions to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and responsiveness for customers. 

Ø Smooth and efficient:explain the effect of FJ Bearing on providing products and services; it shows that FJ Bearing has an internal and external harmonious relationship and cooperation  (customers, suppliers, other related parties) . 

Corporate Vision

It has become a leading domestic and internationally renowned manufacturer of mechanical parts, contributing to the industry's leading value and achieving an employee career platform.  

Ø Leading at home:It indicates that FJ Bearing should establish a leading position in the automotive, construction machinery and other industries, and establish a comprehensive competitive advantage in the market, service and technology.  

Ø Internationally known:It indicates that the future development of FJ Bearing should have an international vision and realize internationalization of technology, internationalization of the market, internationalization of talents, and internationalization of management.

Ø Contribute industry leading value:Contribute value to customers and shareholders. Leading technology to help users reduce costs and gain leading benefits, so that our profitability is industry-leading and gives shareholders excess returns

Ø Achievement employee career platform:To build a development platform for employees, and strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees to achieve a rich life.